Public Works Department

Department of Public Works

101 North Juneau St, Adams, WI 53910

 Phone Number:  (608)472-6515


ADDITIONAL METER RENTAL: Meters for watering lawns are available. The rates are $12.00 per quarter for 5/8” or 3/4″ meter and $40.00 initial meter installation charge.

GRASS MOWING: Pursuant to Section 8-1-6 of the Municipal Code of the Ordinance for the City of Adams: Lawns, grasses, and noxious weeds on non-agricultural lots or parcels, which exceed 8” in length, shall be considered a nuisance. The Weed Commissioner shall give written notice to the owner that such nuisances shall be cut within 5 (five) days. At the end of this period the Weed Commissioner shall destroy or cause to destroy such weeds and the costs therein shall be applied to the tax roll.

SCREENED COMPOST:The City also has a supply of screened compost for a fee per yard loaded, between the hours of 7:30AM – 2:30PM, Monday – Thursday at the Public Works Municipal Building located at 101 N. Juneau St.  call to schedule pick-up.

OAK WILT: Managing the potential hazard of the spreading of Oak Wilt is an ongoing challenge. One step in that direction is not cutting down or trimming of Oaks during the period between April 1st and August 31st. Per City ordinance, you are to cut down diseased trees on your property after August 31st and before April 1st

BRUSH PICK-UP:  Brush pick-up days will be the 1stand 3rdMonday of the month starting in April and may change depending on the weather. All brush should be placed parallel to the street or alley and away from any mailboxes, poles, or signs, but not extending into the roadway.  All branches should be cut in 4’ to 6’ lengths.

LEAF PICK-UP AND GRASS CLIPPINGS:The Leaf Vacuum will be going around picking up leaves from approximately mid-April to mid-May. Leaves and grass clippings are to be placed along the curb line (not in the gutter) at least 3 feet from mailboxes. Any clippings containing pet waste will not be picked up. Leaves and grass clippings in brown paper recycle bags free from rocks, sand and other debris set by the curb or alley will be picked up periodically.  Leaves or grass clippings placed in plastic bags will not be collected.

NOXIOUS WEEDS: Every person is required by state law and per City Ordinance Section 6-2-8, to destroy all noxious weeds on lands in the City which the person owns, occupies or controls.